Choosing Your Starter Temtem


When it comes to selecting your first starter Temtem, a lot of people, including myself, have probably spent a lot of time researching which is the best to start out with. Fortunately for you, the decision is not as hard or impactful as you may think. Unlike other monster collecting games, where choosing the right starter will give you an early game advantage up to the first gym, the developers have made all of our lives a little easier. All three of the starting Temtem are viable right from the beginning, however they are all unique and have a distinct playing style.

All three of the starter Temtem can be found in the wild later on in the game. Which is nice because some people will solely pick their first Temtem based on how it looks with the hopes of catching the other Temtem later. So if your only concern with choosing your new Temtem is whether or not you can obtain the other Temtem later, then go ahead and choose the Temtem you think looks the coolest. For the data heavy people who want to see the numbers on the three starter Temtem, follow me through the next few paragraphs so we can dig a little deeper.

Starter Temtem


The first Temtem we will take a look at is Houchic. This Temtem is a Mental type. It is strong against Neutral and Melee types, and weak against Digital, Crystal and Electric types. When we take a look at the table above, we see that Houchic has the lowest base stats in HP, Attack (ATK), and Defense (DEF). However, the base stats in Special Attack (SPATK) and Special Defense (SPDEF) are significantly higher than the other two starter Temtem. This makes Houchic a great Temtem for players who enjoy a glass cannon play style.

The next Temtem we will take a look at is Crystle. This Temtem is, you guessed it, a Crystal type Temtem. It is strong against Mental and Electric types, while being weak against Fire, Earth and Melee types. Crystle has the highest base stats in HP and Defense (DEF). While falling short in its base stats of Stamina (STA) and Speed (SPD). These base stats are going to be a good fit for players who enjoy a tanky play style and love to absorb damage.

The last starter Temtem is Smazee. This Temtem is a Melee type. Smazee is strong against Earth and Crystal types, while being weak against Mental and Digital types. This is the only starter Temtem who is only weak against two Temtem types, with the other starter Temtem being weak against three types. Smazee has the highest base stats in Stamina (STA) and Attack (ATK), while having the lowest base stats in Special Attack (SPATK) and Special Defense (SPDEF).

So which starter Temtem is the absolute best? Well, they are all very good in a certain area. Not one of them is going to completely overpower the games content in the early portions.

From a personal perspective, I would go with Houchic. Having the highest SPATK and SPDEF is going to help you dish out some serious damage early on. This comes at the expense of being very squishy and knowing how to properly manage your health and healing items right from the start of the game.

On the other side of that token, you may want to consider taking Crystle. The high HP and DEF stats of this Temtem will let you stay alive longer while in combat. Crystle can work out nicely early on if you couple this Temtem with a partner Temtem that has relatively high ATK and SPD stats.

That leaves us with Smazee. This Temtem is well balanced and probably the best choice for new players who don’t want the added stress of managing healing items or looking for wild Temtem that have high ATK and SPD stats.

Whatever choice you make, just know that you will still have the opportunity to find the other two starter Temtem later on in the game. This is your adventure and you should play it the way you like. Have fun and let us know which starter Temtem you chose in the comments below.

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