Welcome to Temtem World


Hello! I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to Temtem World. My name is Marc, but I’m known around here as ShockyP (add me in Temtem).

I created Temtem World to hopefully bring something that the community will enjoy. In its current state, the website has most of its skeleton, however there is a lot of meat to add to it. Over the next few days/weeks/months, I will continue to update the website with new improvements and features. I will also be building on some of the current features to make them more robust.

Here are the things you will currently find while browsing Temtem World.

  • Tempedia (Complete with known Temtem, Type, Base Stats)
  • Effectiveness Type Chart (This is a very useful chart that shows how each Temtem type interacts with each other with respect to combat)
  • Item Guide (Contains all current prices and uses/effects for Capture, Medical, and General items. This includes Gear Items and where to locate each piece of gear respectively. Lastly, it includes all current Courses, and what these courses teach your Temtem).
  • Patch Notes (These will be posted on the same day they are released from Crema)
  • News (Any news in regards to Temtem will be posted regularly. This could be he announcement of a new expansion, DLC, or anything else that’s not Patch related).
  • Guides (There is currently only one guide on choosing your starter Temtem)

Here are the things that will be coming in the coming days/weeks/months.

  • Updates to Tempedia (As more Temtem are released, expect the Tempedia to be updated. I will also be adding images of each Temtem in the Tempedia. These images will allow you to click on them, which will direct you to a dedicated page for that Temtem. This dedicated page will have all relevant information for that specific Temtem (abilities, evolutions etc)
  • Updates to Item Guide (As more items are released, they will be added accordingly. I will also be adding images for each item).
  • News Updates (The site will constantly have all news reported on Temtem).
  • Guides (More guides will be coming soon. These will include breeding guides, team composition guides, effective Pansun farming guides etc)
  • Contests (Free giveaways and contests will be held throughout the year)
  • Additional Staff (As the site grows, I will be looking to bring on some content contributors).
  • New Features (The site is only going to grow from here. I want Temtem World to be a community driven website. Any feedback or suggestions for the website are always appreciated. You can leave a comment down below with suggestions or feedback).

Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you make Temtem World your main destination for all things Temtem! Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss an update on new site content.

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