Temtem Guide – Where to Find and Obtain the Cowards Cloak


Immediately after beating Sophia in Arissola, you are gifted the Surfboard. This surfboard allows you to transcend water without issue. With this in mind, there are plenty of nooks and crannies you will want to explore with the new Surfboard.

Today, we are taking a deep dive (no pun intended) and locating the Cowards Cloak Gear Piece. This piece of Gear reads:

Coward’s Cloak Allows the holding Temtem to gain experience and TV from Combat without taking part.

So where do you find it? Well, you will want to travel back to Windward Fort and head to the room where Sophia was being held captive.

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Once you are in this room, you will want to head out of the little entry way using the Surfboard and water passage. Once outside, you will want to travel to area located on the map below.

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Once you get to this spiral area, you will be challenged with a few wild Tamers. Some of these fights can be a little difficult if you haven’t leveled your Temtem enough. However, the fights are well worth reward at the end.

When you finally defeat the last two Tamers, you will see loot box on the floor. Interacting with this will grant you the Cowards Cloak!

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