Temtem Dojo Guide – How to Beat Sophia in Arissola


Welcome to the first Dojo Guide in a series that will cover every Dojo in Temtem. The goal of this guide is to prepare you for every encounter you will come across within the Dojo. Sophia is the Dojo Leader in Arissola, and this is the first Dojo that you will have access to. The theme of her Dojo is Water and Wind type Temtem.

Since the theme of this Dojo is Water and Wind type Temtem, you will want to make sure that your Temtem team includes Electric, Nature, and Toxic type Temtem. You can reference our Effectiveness Type Chart for an easy to view chart on damage multipliers. Here are some Temtem we recommend bringing with you.

  • Your Starter Temtem (Houchic, Smazee, Crystle)
  • Ganki (Electric/Wind)
  • Saku (Nature/Wind)
  • Loali (Nature/Wind)

Below you will find the various Tamers you will come across in the Dojo. You can see what Temtem they will use and the reward you will receive for defeating the Tamers.

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Defeating Sophia

Sophia isn’t very difficult to take down, however you will need to use some strategy when facing her. We recommend opening up with an Electric type Temtem. A good pick for this would be Ganki. They are very common in the wild and you should be able to catch one with relative ease. We do recommend having your Temtem team at least at level 20. The highest level Temtem that Sophia will have are her level 21 Tuwai and Oceara. Here is the full list of Temtem that Sophia will bring to the party.


  • Level 15: Sparzy (Electric)
  • Level 16: Kalabyss (Water/Toxic)
  • Level 16: Loali (Nature/Wind)
  • Level 18: Pigepic (Wind)
  • Level 21: Oceara (Water)
  • Level 21: Tuwai (Wind)
Opening Phase

Sophia will open up the battle with Kalabyss and Loali. We would recommend opening up with Ganki (for the Electric attacks) and Loali (for the Toxic attacks). This should be a relatively easy fight. You will want to focus on bursting down the Kalabyss with your Electric type attacks. Once you defeat these two Temtem, it’s time to move onto the second phase.

Second Phase

Once you take down those two, Sophia will bring out Sparzy and a partner. In our match up the partner was Pigepic. You will want to focus on taking down the partner first, using your Electric type Temtem (Ganki). Sparzy will more than likely knock out your Ganki rather quickly, so we recommend bringing a few revives, or a second Ganki.

Sparzy will use an attack called Psychosis periodically during this fight. When this attack lands, it applies the status effect Doomed (Once the turn counter on the Doomed Temtem hits 0, the Temtem faints). With that in mind, you will want to equip the Talisman you obtained when you freed Sophia from Windward Fort. We recommend equipping this to the Temtem who is fighting Sparzy directly.

During this phase of the battle, it’s a good idea to partner your Ganki with your Starter Temtem. Each of the Starters have some utility they can bring to this part of the battler, especially when dealing with Sparzy. Crystle is a Crystal Type Temtem and will do double damage when using her Crystal type attacks against Sparzy. If you have Houchic, you can put Sparzy to sleep with Hypnosis. This will buy you some time and allow you to focus on the partner Temtem. If you take Smazee into battle, you will want to spam Sand Splatter as the Earth type attack will deal double damage to Sparzy.

Final Phase

The final phase is going to be a lot easier than the Sparzy phase, especially if your Ganki is still alive. The only remaining Temtem are going to be Wind or Water type, all of which receive double damage from Electric type Temtem. For this final phase, try to keep your Ganki alive while spamming your Electric attacks as much as possible.

Congratulations, you have completed the first Dojo in Temtem! Sophia will award you with the Surfboard item which will allow you to move freely across bodies of water. Now that you crushed the first Dojo, take your surfboard out for a spin and catch some Water type Temtem.



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