Crema Bans Close to 1000 Temtem Accounts Due to Cheating and Exploits


Crema, the development team behind the highly successful monster collecting game Temtem, announced a wave of in game bans today. They made the announcement earlier this morning via Twitter.

Initially, the development team stated that all bans were final and that they will not be taking a second look at accounts that were banned. However, the community responded rather negatively to the news. Hours later, Crema announced that they will take a look at accounts that were banned, provided the account holders reach out to them via email.

They did mention that accounts that were banned went through a process that could identify cheating and exploiting with almost 100% certainty, so the odds of cheaters and hackers getting their account back is pretty slim. Crema made it clear that players who occasionally run into a bug or a small exploit should not be worried. The bans are being placed on players who are repeatedly and intentionally exploiting the game.

Temtem is currently available on PC via Steam in Early Access. The game is scheduled to release on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch later in the year.

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